A list of policies available for download from Pinnacle Community Services.


Abuse and Neglect632.94 KBDownload
Access to Services1.03 MBDownload
Accessing Interpreter Services610.07 KBDownload
Advocacy 902.92 KBDownload
Assessment625.77 KBDownload
Case Management622.82 KBDownload
Client Care Plan617.35 KBDownload
Client Community and other External Consultation and Planning 619.19 KBDownload
Client Contribution - Service Fee634.37 KBDownload
Client Exit Policy609.15 KBDownload
Client Information Management617.54 KBDownload
Client Not Responding / Non Attendance820.23 KBDownload
Client Referral779.00 KBDownload
Client Rights and Responsibilities616.37 KBDownload
Client Safe Transport Risk Management618.65 KBDownload
Clients with Challenging Behaviours619.91 KBDownload
Clients with Special Needs633.51 KBDownload
Code of Conduct614.40 KBDownload
Community Options Brokerage and Sub Contracting611.72 KBDownload
Community Participation Understanding and Engagement615.57 KBDownload
Compliments and Complaints2.35 MBDownload
Consent763.71 KBDownload
Deceased or Injured Client606.53 KBDownload
Decision Making and Life Choices 611.95 KBDownload
Driver Safety Framework5.72 MBDownload
Duty of Care and Dignity of Risk611.77 KBDownload
Equality and Human Rights613.75 KBDownload
Food Safety641.02 KBDownload
Food Services Work in a Cold Atmosphere621.46 KBDownload
Fostering Client Independence612.37 KBDownload
General Broakerage and Sub Contracting614.91 KBDownload
Guardianship610.50 KBDownload
Infection Control1.01 MBDownload
Infectious Disease1.18 MBDownload
Information Management739.22 KBDownload
Interruption to Service2.23 MBDownload
Lost Property606.46 KBDownload
Medication Management Policy and Procedure Manual2.31 MBDownload
Nutritional Management Practices625.25 KBDownload
Participation and Inclusion851.80 KBDownload
Physical Contact603.76 KBDownload
Privacy and Confidentiality620.61 KBDownload
Quality612.59 KBDownload
Quality Management622.13 KBDownload
Reassessment and Review613.51 KBDownload
Risk Management2.53 MBDownload
Staff Accountability723.44 KBDownload
Staff Orientation and Induction3.81 MBDownload
Staff Recruitment and Retention616.40 KBDownload
Vehicle Use1.22 MBDownload
Volunteer3.38 MBDownload
Waiting List607.46 KBDownload
Working with Children Check611.59 KBDownload

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